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  • True Books Series

    • Amphibians by Chirstine Taylor-Butler

       From tiny, colorful tree frogs to the giant salamanders that burrow along the riverbanks of Japan, there are more than 7,000 amphibian species living on our planet today. Readers will discover how these incredible animals live double lives, spending...

      MSRP: $6.95
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    • Animal Architects by Vicky Franchino

      While many animals seek shelter in natural homes such as caves or hollow logs and some simply take over abandoned spaces built by others, there are also plenty of species capable of constructing their own homes. Readers will discover how these animal...

      MSRP: $6.95
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    • Animal Brainiacs by Vicky Franchino

       From apes that build tools to help them hunt prey to parrots that can communicate using human words, the animal kingdom is filled with species of startling intelligence. Readers will get a close look at some of the smartest animals in the world. They...

      MSRP: $6.95
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    • Animal Camouflage by Vicky Franchino

      Some animals defend against predators by fighting toe to toe. Others rely upon armor and other physical defenses. However, sometimes the best defense of all is to stay out of sight. Readers will learn all about animal camouflage, from species that...

      MSRP: $6.95
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    • Animal Mash-Ups by Vicky Franchino

      Though scientists do their best to classify all of the worlds countless living things into carefully organized species, hybrid animals cant be described so easily. As the offspring of two different species, these creatures are neither one nor the other...

      MSRP: $6.95
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    • Animal Predators by Josh Gregory

      From the eagles soaring high above the ground in search of prey below to the terrifying hunters of the deep sea, the animal world is filled with amazing predators. Readers will get an up-close look at some of the most interesting predators on Earth as...

      MSRP: $6.95
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    • Animals Helping at Home by Lucia Raatma

       For people with disabilities, certain everyday tasks can sometimes be more difficult than they should be. Thankfully, there are animal helpers who can assist these people. Readers will learn how animals can act as a disabled persons eyes, ears, or even...

      MSRP: $6.95
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    • Animals Helping at Work by Ann O Squire

      Everyday, people around the world get up and go to work. Their jobs provide a wide range of important services for other people. But humans arent the only ones who have important jobs to do! Readers will learn about a variety of animal workers, from...

      MSRP: $6.95
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