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  • K-2nd Grade Collections


    • America's 50 States (7 Titles)

      America's 50 States (7 Titles)

      What are the U.S. Regions by Maureen Robins Where is my State?  by Robin Nelson This is my State by Lisa Bullard  Time for Kids: 50 States, Our America by Time for Kids An Illustrated Timeline of the 50 States by Patricia...

      MSRP: $61.33
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    • Earning, Saving and Spending

      Earning, Saving and Spending

      All About Money by Sharon Coan Using Money by Sharon Coan What can you do with Money by Jennifer Larson Kids Making Money by Mattie Reynolds  What do I Want, What do I Need by Rachel Eagen Learning about Earning by Rachel Eagen Why Should I...

      MSRP: $81.74
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    • Historical Figures (10 Titles)

      Historical Figures (10 Titles)

      Benjamin Franklin by Doraine Bennett Benjamin Franklin (My Itty Bitty Bio) by Emma Haldy George Washington Carver by Kitson Jazynka George Washington Carver by Jennifer Kroll Lewis and Clark by Shirley Raye Ruby Bridges goes to School by Ruby...

      MSRP: $68.43
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    • Holidays (10 Titles)

      Holidays (10 Titles)

      Columbus Day by Meredith Dash Happy New Year! by Clara O Coleman Labor Day by Meredith Dash Happy Fourth of July! by Stephanie Kuligowski Martin Luther King Jr. Day by Meredith Dash President's Day by Meredith Dash  Thanksgiving Day by...

      MSRP: $82.84
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    • American Symbols (10 titles)

      American Symbols (10 titles)

      Grand ole Flag by Donna Rice I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag by Stephanie Kuligowski I Sing "The Star Spangled Banner" by Devon McKinney Meet Lady Liberty by Sharon Coan The Bald Eagle by Joe Gaspar Symbols of America, The Bald Eagle by Maria...

      MSRP: $82.76
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    • Georgia's Historical Figures (10 Titles)

      Georgia's Historical Figures (10 Titles)

      Mary Musgrove: Bringing people together by Torrey Maloof  James Oglethorpe: Not for Self, but for Others by Torrey Maloof Juliette Gordon Low by Ashleigh Hally Jackie Robinson by Wila Mara Tomochichi by Chief and Friend by Heather...

      MSRP: $95.47
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    • Maps & Landforms (10 Titles)

      Maps & Landforms (10 Titles)

      Mapping our Nation by Sandy Phan Map my Continent by Jennifer Boothroyd Mapping our World by Sandy Phan Let's learn about the Earth's Continents by Bobbie Kalman What is an Ocean? by Bobbie Kalman Landforms by William B Rice Deserts by Nick...

      MSRP: $92.70
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    • Georgia's Geography (11 Titles)

      Georgia's Geography (11 Titles)

      Appalachian Plateau by Doraine Bennett Blue Ridge Mountians by Doraine Bennett Lower Coastal Plain by Doraine Bennett Upper Coastal Plain by Doraine Bennett Valley and Ridge by Doraine Bennett Flint River by Amelia J Pohl Savannah River by Amelia J...

      MSRP: $108.77
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    • Goods and Services (7 Titles)

      Goods and Services (7 Titles)

      Dear Dragon Goes to the Market by Margaret Hillert Goods or Services by Ellen Mitten Goods and Services Around Town by Heather Schwartz A Visit to a Car Factory by Dona Herweck Rice From Factory to Store by Anastasia Suen Bargaining at the Market by...

      MSRP: $63.43
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    • Government   (10 Titles)

      Government (10 Titles)

      Why do we Need Rules and Laws by Jessica Peggis You can Count on Me by Joanne Mattern You and the Law by Jennnifer Overend Prior Power, People, and Change by Wendy Conklin  What is a Government by Baron Bedesky Our Leaders in Government by...

      MSRP: $91.26
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    • Positive Character Traits (10 titles)

      Positive Character Traits (10 titles)

      Respecting Others by Robin Nelson  Be Honest and tell the Truth by Cheri J Meiners Being a Good Citizen by Sharon Coan Being Helpful by Cassie Mayer I am a Good Friend by Sharon Coan I try to be a Good Person by Trisha Callella Those Shoes by...

      MSRP: $83.66
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    • Jobs and Careers (10 Titles)

      Jobs and Careers (10 Titles)

      Doctor by Sheila Rivera Farmer by Czeenz Devera Firefighters by Nick Rebman Hooray for Chefs! by Kurt Waldendorf I Want to be a Soldier by Dan Liebman  Mail Carrier by Czeena Devera Police Officers by Jenna Lee Gleisner Workers at my School...

      MSRP: $74.66
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